Our post hall is available to rent for your group meeting, personal meeting or for other purposes.

Read and agree to the Rental Disclaimer and then use the form to get information by email 
about post rental. You can also call or come by the post for more information.

Hall Rental Disclaimer

Groups that meet here are in no way endorsed, supported or sponsored by Bert Hodge Post 45. These groups all pay a rental fee for the use of our post to host their meetings. Any member that attends the meetings are there of their own accord and are not representing the American Legion or Post 45. We list their meeting times in our calendar as a courtesy to them. Post 45 has and will always abide by the Constitution and By-laws set in place by The American Legion and the Post.

Rules and Regulations

I/We agree to abide by the following Rules and Regulations as part of our rental agreement.

1) That NO alcohol will be brought into the post, or on post property by anyone that I/we allow onto post property.

2) I/We agree that there will be NO smoking allowed in the building. All smoking will be done outside at least twenty (20) feet from the door.

3) I/We agree to return Post 45 building in the same condition as it was before I entered the post. I and the Post representative will do a walk-through of the post before I enter to host my event at the Post. I agree with the post representative about the condition of the post.

4) I/We will remove all trash of mine and clean the post before the end of my rental agreement. Should I need to use the kitchen, I understand that I am responsible for cleaning the kitchen before the end of my rental agreement.

5) I/We understand that a representative of the post will be onsite during our event and at any time I may need to enter the building. Also that the representative will have the key to the post. I will not be given a key. I will receive my $50 deposit after the post has been inspected and approved by the post representative.

6) The POW/MIA Table will NOT be moved, or disturbed. (This is a place of honor for those who never came home. This table is not to be used for anything.)

7) Use of the television, or its table must be agreed upon before hand and that it will be returned to its original place after my/our event is complete. I/We will be totally financially responsible for any damage that occurs to the television and any of its components.

8) I/We also agree not to hold Bert Hodge Post 45 responsible for any injuries incurred by anyone that I allow into the post during my scheduled event. I also agree to pay for repairs of any damage that may occur to the post and its property while during my agreed time of post use.

9) I/We also understand and agree to the following rules for use of the kitchen.

    A. The grille is not available for use due to insurance reasons.

    B. I may use the stove, oven, microwave oven, sink and table, as long as I/we properly clean and put up all items that I/we use.

    C. I will use NO food, silverware, or paper products that belongs to the American Legion, unless agreed upon by the Command Staff of the Post in advance.

    D. I will bring all my own food, plates, silverware, towels, and paper products.

    E. I will allow no one under the age of 18 into the kitchen or even behind the counter.

I/We do hereby acknowledge that I/we have read, understand, and do agree to the Rules and Regulations pertaining to my/our use of the Post hall.

Use the form below or click on the button to download a copy of our post rental agreement.

We will get back with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions please call the post.
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